Thursday, 3 March 2011

Eddie Izzard Comes to Town!

Purl City Yarns was buzzing with even more excitement than usual this week at the news that actor, comedian and all round top bloke, Eddie Izzard would be filming round the corner in Tariff Street.

We felt we couldn't allow an opportunity to meet and knit for such a star pass us by, so with only a few days notice, we were pressed into action.

Vikki, who you will also know as Wild Fire Fibres quickly dyed up some white Kraemer Sterling Silver & Silk yarn into a deep berry semi solid shade and we all quickly got down to knitting Eddie a scarf (We would have liked to have made him some knee-high socks and matching long sleeved fingerless gloves, but alas, not enough time).  We used a pattern by a fellow Raveller, Turvid, called 'One Row Lace Scarf' and worked on it in shifts until the scarf was finished.

On Wednesday, we got our chance to give the scarf to Eddie. He was filming in a building yards from our shop. We waited for a break in filming and seized our opportunity. We thought we would have to hand it over to a member of the production team to pass on to Eddie but, no! Eddie came over to meet us!

He was slightly bemused by the whole thing but accepted the scarf with grace and was completely lovely. He shook our hands and chatted to us for a short while then sadly was called away for another take. We didn't get chance to have our picture taken with Eddie, to be honest all three of us were too starstruck to think to ask!

He wandered off back to the set and we staggered off round the corner to collapse against each other and scream. We are afraid we let our 'classy' slip momentary there!

Eddie Izzard was filming scenes for a new BBC drama called 'The Lost Christmas' due to screen on Christmas Eve. Look out for it on your telly box!

(Eddie Izzard is in this photo, we swear it! Alongside a back view of Cara modelling her newly finished Shalom)

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  1. I'm excited about this and I wasn't even there. He really is an all round top bloke isn't he.

    A custom Purl City scarf, spun and knitted from scratch just for him - thats fab!

    Fiona x