Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tills, flooring and, of course, yarn!

It has been a busy week for Purl City Yarns.

The Natural Dye Studio delivery finally turned up (delays were not due to Amanda but rather the laid back courier) and it is absolutely and more info to follow.

The shop now has phone lines............could give you the phone number but can't remember it! And anyhow, we've not plugged the phones in yet!

The computerised till and back office system were installed on Thursday.  Had a verrry long day on Friday, training up to use the system and I not sure how much I have retained of it all (do you know that feeling when you are working in a very warm room and you can't keep your eyes open?) but we will manage!

A massive delivery came from King Cole this took ages to check it all off the invoice. So we now have a lot of stock of good quality yet decently priced merino wool in 4ply up to chunky, loads of bamboo cotton and a lot from the Comfort range. We also have stock of Riot which is King Cole's new Noro-esque yarn.

We are expecting to take delivery of our Manos/Brittany/Artesano order any day now and more orders have been placed both for UK brands and for stuff further afield. We will keep you updated.

At the shop today, there are chaps fitting flooring and stair carpets. Tomorrow, the burglar alarm is being activated.......and later this week the security grills are going on the back windows......we can't have people making off with the precious stock now can we?!

Hopefully by the end of next week we will have shelves and some of the other fixtures and fittings sorted!


  1. It's all looking great. I have just crocheted some of the King Cole Riot into a cardigan and I really like the way it makes up.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the wools when you open.

  2. Wow so many things happening so quickly now. Your head must be all of a spin!

  3. thats a good description.... it's all go here and very exciting. Things are progressing day by day.. new stock arriving, the shop coming together.. the website is being built...can't wait to get open now!