Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Captain America, anyone??

Purl City Yarns is a hive of excitement at the moment.

Not only are the deliveries of yarn coming in thick and fast (the last few days has brought gorgeous yarns from Austermann, Noro, Mirasol and Araucania, photos to follow) but the Northern Quarter is currently hosting the cast and crew currently filming Captain America.

The warehouse next to the shop is being used as the catering facilities for all the extras, so several times a day there's a parade of 1940s Brooklyn shopkeepers, businessmen, factory workers and pedestrians past the shop.

There's a great blog with some brilliant pictures and footage of the set.

And this guy has been putting really interesting updates on You Tube everyday.

The crew have been putting together the set for a couple of weeks and filming is due to continue until 2nd October. The sad thing is, despite all this effort, the bits shot in Manchester will probably only make up a couple of minutes of the whole film.

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