Monday, 2 May 2011

Drops and Ravelry Night on Wednesday, Come and Join the Fun!

Right, just a quick post to let you know that we are having a Scandinavian-themed Ravelry night at the shop on Wednesday. 

Why Scandinavian? Well, we have just gotten in a massive delivery of Drops yarn, which comes from Norway but we were struggling to find Norwegian food stuffs so we widened it out to Scandinavian so we could serve you foodie goodies from IKEA (Daim bars, Kex, cookies and crispbreads) and Swedish vodka!

Why Ravelry? Well, we have been meaning to have a Ravelry event for a while. We have ordered in Rav badges for everyone and thought it would be good to get some local (and perhaps not so local) Ravelers together so they can meet in the flesh the people they have been chatting to online for yonks!

So get yourself down to the shop on Wednesday between 5pm-8pm. We have Drops Kid Silk, a worthy rival to more expensive Kid Silks on the market, Drops Safran, a glorious 100% egyptian cotton yarn, as well as Drops Nepal and Drops Superwash wool Karisma. All the new yarns come in a wide choice of colours and as you probably already know about Drops yarns - quality fibres but cheap as chips!

We have also some Scandinavian knitting books in stock that you can have a good look at and some Lace Knitting books if you are planning some lightweight summer projects.
Viking dress optional.
Knitting (or crocheting) essential!

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